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hey. if you want to link back to this site for whatever reason, i got you covered.


man. i'm really gonna need a nap after working so hard on this button.


here's some other cool websites. be careful out there.
hover over the buttons to toggle animated versions, if they have 'em.

links last updated 10th may 2022. if you're a mutual and not here yet, my b.

[lugaw] [eggramen] [flutteristhebest] [sugarteara] [niceopod] [dannarchy] [nathub] [vincent van goggles]
[slumber] [oaaky's world] [gildedware] [mani] [cinnamuff] [webheaven] [pizzarisu] [tophatcats]
niva / sansmaeda

here's some links to the boss' websites. he made this onlysans site, so, y'know. pretty alright guy.

[noseclub] [inkposting] []

other stuff

here's some other buttons.

[anti-nfts] [i like computer] [graphic design is my passion] [kris where tf are we] [trans rights]

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